Burger King Franchise Cost 

The first Burger king franchise was opened in 1954 by James McLamore and David Edgerton in Miami.  Nowadays, it serves salads, breakfast and kids food. The expansion of the franchise happened in 1998 where it opened more stores in Sydney and Australia. 

The Burger king franchise costs range from $250k and $800k exclusive of the price for location. There are three different types of burger king restaurants which are:

  • Food court kiosks
  • High street location
  • Drive thru

All the three have different Burger king franchise costs which range from $250k to $550k.When the deal is struck, the franchisee needs to pay a fee of $40,000 per restaurant and an additional of 5% of total sales to contribute in the advertising costs. The agreement period is a standard 20 years. 

Burger king franchise has its target sites online for you to be able to decide on the best possible location that will suit you. When you choose a location, they have to check whether it is occupied or not. The franchisee has to be flexible with location to make the process easier. 

After submitting the application, an approximate 12 months are required in order for you to start operating. This can however vary depending on the geographical area of the applicant and the terms of the agreement.

The franchisee is required to attend the training programs which are normally held in the UK. The training program is normally free apart from the travel costs and accommodation.  As a franchisee, you can also use your own piece of land to mount a Burger King restaurant but it has to be approved by the franchisor.

The success of the franchise truly depends on the performance of the franchisee. This can be from the quality they offer, the site they are operating from and the advertising mode they are using. The burger franchise costs give you opportunity to be a success while still operating other businesses.