Half Price Books Franchise

The half price books franchise is a good investment since everyone reads books no matter what kind of topics it contains. This means the target market is everyone who has the ability to read, making the franchise bit profitable compared with many others in the market. The half price books franchise was started to save trees from extinction by recycling books that are no longer in use. It was started by the Anderson family in 1972 and up to date they still own most of the company. The market involves sale of new and used books, magazines, videos and music CDs. Most of the products are new. The franchise owns over 100 books (only??) in 15 different states stores that are mainly located in Texas. The half price book store has grown slowly but keeps a low profile.

The franchise has advantages which include:

Education: The franchise has more impact to its user because it educates and adds knowledge to the consumer. The half price books franchise is even better considering the rates are low and anyone can afford.

Entertainment: Assuming the book involved is a magazine or a comic; it entertains the reader who gets more information e.g. celebrities gossip, comic for children, information about events going to happen.  

Its major competitors include internet retailers and warehouse clubs. The market requires a lot of hard work; it’s time consuming and labor intensive. The sales per worker tend to be lower for half price books franchise. The success of the franchise depends on the advertising and merchandising. The higher the demand the lower the supply but this franchise is driven by the consumer income. It also relies on the consumer’s interest to get higher profits. The market always makes success because everyone has an interest in a particular book and more so because the prices are halfway.