How much does a Starbucks Coffee Franchise Cost?

The moment one mentions coffee shop the name Starbucks comes to mind. The success of the company has attracted entrepreneurs who would like to know where the company is having any franchise offers. Several questions come to mind when thinking of starting a franchise with reputable brand like Starbucks.


How much does a Starbucks coffee franchise cost?


Does the company offer franchise opportunities?


Where can it be profitable?


How much income is available?


Unfortunately, Starbucks does not offer direct franchise opportunities currently, the company actually operates most of its stores in the country. However, there are some situations which are exceptional. For instance, if a company provides Starbucks with space or location to put up a store. Such locations include hospitals, campuses, airports and grocery chains. The company may also enter into a contract with another company to operate Starbucks stores in certain areas.


When starting Starbucks coffee franchise note that the cost varies from one state to the other. Therefore it is better to do a market research on how much does a Starbucks coffee franchise cost first. You can do this by checking on the company’s website. Franchising with the company will need a lot of capital. Therefore it is not for low budget incomes. A franchise company investing with Starbucks must have the ability to manage operations of other outlets in the region.


The unavailability of Starbucks franchises should not de-motivate you. There are many other successful coffee shops out there that offer franchise opportunities. Instead of asking yourself how much does a Starbucks coffee franchise cost, ask yourself which other coffee house offers the opportunities. Other popular coffee shops include Beaners Coffee, Caffino, Woody’s Chicago Style and Scooters Coffee House. Some of these franchises even venture broadly into providing food options, catering services, and gourmet coffee.