McDonald’s Franchise Cost

The best franchise opportunities are those that have prestigious brand names such as McDonald’s. The company has become a household name because of the delicious fast foods that it serves to millions of people all around the United States. In fact, fast foods are considered the number-one choice for hungry people all over the world. Therefore when looking to invest in a franchise, look at those franchises continually growing and increasing their profits. In case you have the desire to invest in the company there are various issues that you have to put in mind.


One of them is McDonald’s franchise cost.  Total costs normally vary according to the size of the restaurant you intend to operate. However you have to pay a 40 percent down payment for the total cost of starting the restaurant. One of the stipulations of the company is that the downpayment be paid in ready cash. The minimum amount of down payment is $300,000, though acquiring an existing restaurant only requires 25 percent downpayment.


The remainder of the McDonald’s franchise cost may be financed. McDonald's does not offer financing itself, but does have good relations with lenders, and a loan for the remainder can usually be acquired at lower industry rates.


The next consideration is the operation of your McDonald's franchise. While McDonald's does offer limited opportunity for employee advancement to management levels, which may attract a few motivated individuals, most of your workforce will be young, inexperienced, and just learning about job responsibility. High employee turnover must be expected, as employees graduate from high school or college or move on to other work. Good management techniques can make a difference in keeping longer term employees motivated and attendance regular. McDonald's has many programs in place to instill employee pride and combat employee fatigue.

The last thing to consider may well be what effect ownership of a McDonald's franchise will have on your personal quality of life. Franchise owners can look forward to long hours, and many management responsibilities, and leisure time may come to seem like a happy memory.