Pinkberry Franchise Cost

Pinkberry specializes in frozen yogurt sale which has fluctuated since 1991. The Pinkberry franchise cost is normally $45,000 though the startup costs vary according to the region. The profits were great in the first four months since they opened but after that they went down. The frozen yogurt trend is ongoing and is not good for investments. You need to get the proper supplies to make the best yogurt to make the consumer satisfied with the product.

Its advantages include:

The franchise has been heavily advertised and has great media attention meaning it is a popular brand and therefore has more consumers.

Start up supplies is available; all you need is money to run the business but the equipment and supplies are provided. Training is also done for franchisee that does not have enough experience.

The Pinkberry franchise cost for the franchise also covers training and support that is given by the franchise company.

Own selection of sites for unit is inclusive in the fee for franchise of the Pinkberry. You are able to select the location that you prefer, meaning you can get a good site for the same. 

Its disadvantages include:

Costs: The Pinkberry franchise cost is high and requires entrepreneurs who have high incomes. This can discourage a person whose income is not stable since it might be next to impossible to get it.

Bad Reputation: The Pinkberry toppings are put skimpily and consumers are getting impatient with the company. The moment consumers start to notice the services are diminishing, the company is in big problems since word will spread round and you will lose targeted audience.

Their way is normally the only way. You have to run by their rules in order to maintain the deal and sometimes it is hard to bring out new ideas that help you to grow.