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Subway Franchise Price

The Subway was opened in 1965 by Fred Deluca and Dr. Peter Buck and it was incorporated using the name Doctor’s Associates Inc. The Subway franchise is has the largest chain in North America. It specializes in great sandwiches making most of its consumer own the franchise because they trust it.

The Subway franchise costs are affordable. It also offers a trained team that knows how to deal with its consumers. Its brand is highly recognized and offers 24 hour potential simple operations. There are also dedicated staffs that help you with the services that you require with excellent customer care. Their foods include:

  • Perfect hot toasted meals.
  • Fresh salads made for customers satisfaction.
  • Different menu choices
  • Gourmet breads and toppings.

The Entrepreneur Magazine named the subway franchise number one Global franchise opportunity. The Subway franchise has grown continuously over the past few years. The Subway franchise offers great tasting foods with different flavors which are normally toasted to perfection.

Their interior decor is elegant and inviting sending a warm feeling to its consumers. The Subway gives fast and fresh products for their consumers. The food is cholesterol and fat free.

The franchisee is supposed to look for:

  • Staff that is qualified for operating restaurants.
  • Nice locations for the restaurants.
  • Equipments to improve the workmanship.
  • A percentage of the fee for advertising funds.
  • Initial subway franchise costs.

The franchisor does the following:

  • Publicizes information about the franchise to the general public
  • Stores equipments and design for the franchise.
  • Offers training programs to the franchisee.
  • Operations manual

Subway franchise costs are at the lowest in the market of its class. Investing on franchise depends on the size, location and renovations required.